Fresh Ricatta!

What to do with a tank full of whey? Make Ricotta! Smooth and creamy, this is NOT what you get at the local grocer.  And all for sale this Saturday at City Market on Charlotte St.

Pastuerizer passes certification!

Finally, after 1 year, I’ve got a licensed certified pasteurizer. I rebuilt a very old unit over the past 6  months and today the inspectors gave a thumbs up and awarded me certification. Lots of welding and polishing went into rebuilding this 35 gallon unit. This baby heats up in 15 minutes and the milk is up to temp in 30. Chart recorder is reading dead on! I’m very grateful, and will be offering fresh mozzarella at the market this weekend.

Me and the inspectors from NCDA

New…for next year

We are planning ahead for next summer by making 20 to 25 lb wheels of classic parmigiano. Skimmed raw cows milk—- save the cream for mozz and decadent ice cream!! yum! These guys are brined for up to 3 days.

Here’s a 22lb Parmigiano ready for aging for 1 year—at least

Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery

Photo credit: Catherine Vibert

Welcome to Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery’s brand new website. Coming soon on this blog will be recipes, events and tidbits of life on the farm. Please give us a call to see what wonderful cheeses are ripe and ready to ship to you today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Victor Chiarizia, Affineur