The affinage cave imparts the flavors of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Victor Chiarizia, Cheese-maker and affineur

 About Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery

I have always loved to cook. My mom and dad, both of Italian heritage, created and prepared foods from scratch. Gardening, making homemade cheeses, sausages and wine were family traditions. As a child, my dad showed me how to make cheese with recipes from the old country. Ever since then I have loved experimenting with cheese-making.

My career for the past 37 years has been artistic glassblowing. Relocating several years ago from Connecticut to Fairview, in Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, I have had the opportunity to expand my business to include artisan cheese-making. The land here is bucolic with meadows, a babbling brook, waterfall and ponds. My natural rock-lined cheese cave, nestled and carved into the base of a mountain, stays at a constant temperature which is perfect for the aging process. Making cheese has been a fulfilling way to expand my creative expression and to realize a lifelong dream.

Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery’s distinctive cheeses are hand-crafted with love in small batches and cave-aged to perfection. We begin with the raw milk of local pasture raised cows. Cave aging gives the cheeses a unique character known in France as “Terroir” loosely translated to “of the land.” Due to this process, our cheeses impart a flavor unique to the locale and could not be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Due to our small exclusive batches, we don’t have an online shopping cart. Give us a call to find out what cheeses are ripe today. We ship to all 50 states.

Victor Chiarizia

Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery
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Fairview, NC 28730
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